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To achieve excellent outcomes, we first need to stop doing some of the things we’ve been taught: stop selling, stop asking for referrals, and stop allowing our clients to run our business.

So, six steps to help us be the very best we can be:

  1. Positioning. Most advisers adopt an approach that, inadvertently, hands control of the relationship to the client. A few ‘rules’ will help eliminate objections and ensure lasting relationships.
  2. Referrals Are Easy. They are essential for the continuing growth of an adviser’s business, yet few get good referrals. New business levels can be increased by establishing an approach where new clients provide on-demand referrals.
  3. Become a World-Class Communicator. Imagine if every time we called a prospective client on the telephone, they said, ‘Yes, I’d like you to be my adviser.Follow six steps to more significant outcomes. 
  4. Handling Objections. A simple three-step process will guarantee we always overcome any objections, ensuring we can engage with more prospective clients.
  5. Client Service:  Twice the Impact in Half the Time. As our regulators place more importance on the value of service, we need to adopt a new strategy that allows us to provide first-class service without impacting our time. A few changes to our existing approach will increase client satisfaction rates. 
  6.  Establish a Permanently Positive Mindset. Too many advisers fail to achieve their potential. They usually don’t have a strong enough mindset, and procrastination and inertia limit their abilities. A simple technique will change all that; success becomes as natural as walking or talking.

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