Personal Growth and Development Speaker – Sandro Forte 

Sandro Forte is a personal growth and development speaker, and one of the most respected and successful entrepreneurs in his profession, motivating across the globe.

Sandro Forte ( FPSA, CSP) is a dynamic, innovative, and highly respected entrepreneur who specialises in delivering targeted support to people via life coaching. As a personal growth and development speaker, Sandro has plenty of experience in the arena of helping others, and his background has afforded him a unique perspective on life, which he brings to every session and workshop he delivers.

As a Fellow of the Professional Speakers Association, Global Speaking Fellow and Certified Speaking Professional, Sandro is incredibly well respected and admired in his profession. He has motivated and helped countless business people across the globe. In doing so, he has delivered motivational workshops and speeches in more than 80 countries.

An Award-Winning Inspirational Speaker

Sandro is an award-winning inspirational speaker with plenty of experience at providing motivational talks to just about everybody. As a man who came from a challenged background, Sandro understands, arguably better than many other life coaches, the importance of overcoming adversity. Both personally and professionally, Sandro has taught people how to thrive, learn and create the tools that they need to tackle the big problems in their lives, delivering tangible results based on actionable ideas.

It’s not exactly difficult to understand why Sandro is so well respected by both his clients and his peers within the industry. His approach is refreshingly raw and unrestrained. He doesn’t treat anybody differently depending on where they’ve come from; everybody is just a person to him. This means even if you’re someone living in incredibly bleak circumstances or someone who is incredibly wealthy, you will get the same honest treatment from Sandro. It’s easy to know exactly where you stand with him, and, at the same time, his emotional intelligence allows him to connect with people in a very real way.

A Life Coach For All

As a New York Times bestselling author, Sandro has plenty of experience when it comes to providing life coaching to people. As a motivational speaker, Sandro has worked across the globe and dealt with so many different issues. From tackling the jungle of corporate culture to helping one person improve their mental health for the better, there is no task too big or too small for Sandro to undertake. He believes that everybody should be given an equal opportunity to thrive, regardless of their situation.

As a personal growth and development speaker, Sandro makes sure to listen to the life story of his clients. Everything they have done, everything they have experienced plays a vital role in the kind of advice that he gives. Sandro understands that nuance is a necessary part of tailored life coaching and that in order to deliver the best advice, one has to respect the individual strengths of a person.

Dare to be Different

As an author, Sandro has written his book called “Dare to be Different”.

In a world where everybody experiences peer pressure to fit in, where everybody is expected to be the same, Sandro defies those expectations by encouraging people to look at what makes them different. He wants to know what a person can do better than anybody else, what strengths they have that set them apart from the rest of the crowd, and then use those as tools to rise to the top of their fields.

His book is an extension of the course that he provides on the subject. The “Dare to be Different” workshop it’s just one example of where Sandro has endeavoured to deliver a unique and fresh take on self-improvement and personal development.

The Skills For Success

Sandro thrives on delivering the skills people need to succeed. He believes very firmly in equipping people with the necessary abilities that will help them to succeed. This includes things like teaching people how to successfully improve their mental health, how to work on their emotional intelligence, and how to improve their body language to become more confident and assertive. Every piece of advice that he gives is tangible; it’s based on something actionable. As a world-class motivational speaker, Sandro does not mess around. He knows that a vague philosophical comment is not going to help. However, an actionable piece of advice that somebody can begin implementing immediately? That will make a difference.

Here to Make a Difference

As a well-defined speaker and author, Sandro is here to help people make a positive difference in their lives. He believes very firmly in giving people the emotional tools that they need to succeed, and everything that he does is built around that.

Anybody who wishes to hire Sandro for their next conference or simply to tackle a problem privately need only get in touch. He is more than happy to discuss specific needs and requirements.

At the end of the day, Sandro understands that everybody needs a life coach occasionally. Some of the biggest decisions in our lives that we make require that extra support, so it’s not surprising that he’s committed to giving people the best. At the end of the day, that’s the kind of person that Sandro is. He’s experienced, generous, and fiercely intelligent.

His devotion to helping people is what has driven him throughout his life and given him the opportunity to start his own life coaching business. This is a man who has worked through adversity, risen up from challenges, and is prepared to help others learn to do the same thing.